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Learn Turkish Lesson 1 - Basics of Turkish Language (Day 1)

You can Start from this lesson If you are Beginner in Turkish Language or Even It's for those who want to improve their Turkish Language. and You can enjoy Reading both English and Turkish.Like this, you can improve both English and Turkish Languages.I will take you from the Basics of Turkish, and little by little we will move on. So don't forget to read fully without getting Bored. and you will not get Bored with my Lessons. Don't worry😎So take a cup of Coffee or whatever you like to drink while Reading, and Start Reading.

             Basics of Turkish Language

Greetings ( Selamlar )

So First of all, we will learn how to greet someone if we are meeting during days. Like you wake up
in the morning and then after that afternoon, evening, and night. We will learn the phrases which we
need to use them during days, OK? Are you ready?  I hope you are!😉😉

NOTE: The phrases which are in Red are in Turkish. and The phrases which are in Blue will be in English. Ok. Because I wanted to highlight them to make you read well. and the rest which is in Black is English Writing to Explain you this stuff. Now Go and Read them, and Enjoy💪😉


(Good Morning)

In the morning when you wake up, you say, ''Günaydın'' Which means ''Good morning'' I Know maybe some of you guys can't pronounce it. but many of you can. You can watch Video version of these blogs on my YouTube Channel. So you will get benefit from both reading and Watching😊

(Good Afternoon)

In the Afternoon you say, ''İyi öğlenler'' or ''İyi günler'' you can use both of them in the afternoon. and ''İyi günler'' is also used when you are saying ''Have a nice day'' or Have a good day'' OK.

(Good Evening)

In the evening you can say, ''İyi akşamlar'' Which means ''Good evening''. It's very good when you wish someone with good words Because like this you share love and appreciation. So better fill your days with prayers and positivity. and You can also say ''Hayırlı akşamlar'' which also means ''Good evening''. So don't limit yourself to the good stuff. always improve yourself with good things.

(Good Night)

In the night you can say several things like, ''İyi geceler'' when you want to go to sleep or you just want to say ''Good night'' to anyone. and you can also say, ''Hayırlı geceler'' which means
''Good night''. And one more phrase I want to give you is, ''Tatlı rüyalar'' which means
''Sweet dreams''.

I know many of you guys want to say this to the loved ones. Because it's cute and lovely.💓

(Saying Hi and Bye)

We have many different phrases for saying ''Hi'' ''Hello'' ''Goodbye'' and ''Farewells''. I will explain them one by one, and you guys read them one by one too. and keep drinking your coffee. 
Otherwise, your coffee will get cool and it will taste very bad.😆

To say ''Hi'' in Turkish you will use ''Merhaba'' and to say ''Hello'' you will use ''Selam''. But don't get confused. both means same and you can use any of them instead any. OK.

And one more ''Hello'' in Turkish is ''Selamün Aleyküm'' which literally means ''Peace be upon you''.
It's taken from Arabic. Actually, you will find many many words which are taken from Arabic If you really know The Arabic Language. Otherwise, you cannot find any similarities between Arabic and Turkish.

To say ''Goodbye'', in Turkish you can use ''Hoşça kalın'' which means ''stay with safe''. But it is used to say ''Goodbye''. It's (Formal)
And the (informal) way of it is, ''Hoşça kal'' and the meaning of them is same.
We also use ''Güle Güle'' which means ''Bye Bye''. 
And another one which is also used very much. It is ''Görüşürüz''
Which means ''See you''. and If you want to say ''See you later'', You can say ''Sonra Görüşürüz''. here ''Sonra'' means ''later''.

Note: You can stop here and Practice whatever you have learned Till now. Because If you are absolute beginner then you should stop and Practice these and then when you are ready to move on. You can move to the next part of the lesson. OK. or If you say I can handle it. then Move to the next part of the lesson. You will find more useful phrases which you will need in your daily life Routine.

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